Thursday, August 20, 2009

Self Publishing Your Writings

How do we as writers get our works/creations published? This is a great question and merits some careful thought as well as consideration. Like others I as a writer have asked myself this same question on several different occasions. Do we type up our manuscripts and send them off to several different publishing companies or do we become self publishers?

There's several advantages to both methods. If an individual takes the traditional route which is going with a publishing company that has been around several years and has a proven track record, as long as your writing with in their strict guidelines you can easily succeed.

These traditional publishing companies have the know how and support to take you to the top of the publishing field. This is great as long as you fit within the guidelines publishing companies set for you as a writer. But, what happens if you as a writer don't match or fit the guidelines and decide you want to try striking out on your own?

This is where the second option kicks in and comes into effect. "Self Publishing."

Self publishing is another way to go if you as a writer do not want to be constricted to someone else guidelines. Self Publishing, allows you to be more creative as well as unrestricted, which in layman terms mean the world is your oyster or canvas. What ever you wish to write about is open and your only limits are those you put on your self.

Companies like Amazon dot com and Lulu dot com are great to work with and allow the writers the affordability to write about what ever they decide. These companies allow you to create your books,calenders and videos and to also have a store front in which to sell your products once finished.

You set your price and they tack on their cost so both the writer as well as the company makes some great money. These two companies also for a nominal fee, will edit, professionally publish as well as market them for you. They will print off any quanity requested from 1 copy to several hundred copies and drop ship them directly to your customers.

They offer several different forms of publishing from: soft cover,hard cover,electronic downloads and disc. I as a published writer find these options to be right up there at the top! I can decide how I would like my finished creations presented as well as sold.

They have step by step instructions that make it easy to follow along and self publish, as well as online help forums made up with other self publishers and writers that will help, should you have trouble along the way. This I as a writer also find very helpful.

I hope this article has been of help to those that are entering the writing field and wish at this time to say, Happy Publishing!! I will write more articles concerning this subject matter in the near future. Please leave your comments as well as suggestions? Always looking for new information as well as sites that support the up and coming writers of the future.

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  1. Yes, at last an informative discussion regarding Self Publishing. The two sites you have listed are both great companies for an individual to publish with. Both are user friendly sites giving step by step directions. I am glad to see you have included this topic in your blog. Well done!!!


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