Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Let’s Make Money in Advertising

These are some of the questions that a lot of people have been asking since the explosion of online marketing began. Can the thousands of advertising agencies that now use the electronic highways of modern day society continue to thrive, with the constant up swing of cyber technology?

In the growing world of internet, the supply and demand for easier cost effective means in which to bring goods and services to the mass media continues to expand. Advertisers have found a cost effective way through insertion of links into articles written by writers on sites such as Triond, Helium, Reddit and private blogs. No longer do they have the added cost of having to have writers on their pay-rolls or pay out huge pay checks. Which, in return makes this kind of advertising very cost effective for them, in other words, “More Bang for Their Advertising Dollars?”

Web sites of this nature are increasingly easier to build due to the explosion of cyber technology and the advancement of modern day cultures. A great example of this would be the news world. No longer does one need to rely on television or radio as it now can be viewed as it happens on the spot and in most cases can be seen on the internet before it is heard on the radio or TV. Although, radio and TV will never become like the dinosaurs due to the explosion of cyber space, as this writer calls it, the question still begs to be asked and answered; can we as the writers of these articles stand to make money?

What would happen if the writers decided to create their own web site and supply the ongoing articles as a direct means of cost effective advertising to the advertising media directly? This of course would cut out the middle man as I choose to term it and put more money in the hands of the writers that create articles using their creative writing skills and well learned craft. The individual may ask, “Is this possible or even worth taking the risk?” Some on here even say to look at the long term goals and not the short term aspects of what is hoped to be gained.

This individual is not here to argue this point and chooses to agree to disagree as to his or her own opinions concerning this subject. An old friend once told me, “My young friend, there are movers and shakers in the world today.” “You can set on the fence and watch the world go by or you can jump in with both feet and get wet.” My friend was a very wise man and also very rich. He turned a simple newspaper column into a thriving newspaper and later started his own advertising agency.

So if you were to ask me, “Can you make money in advertising and will the online market continue to grow?” My answer would be yes. Then I too would ask, “Are you a mover and a shaker?” or “Would you rather sit on the fence and let the world go by?” It all boils down to the personal choices that you as an individual make. There is no right or wrong choice; but rather, what are you comfortable with doing.


  1. Great blog..........
    We should all ask ourself the same question you have asked.

  2. I so can not type and think....
    Question should have read:
    but as my brain is always moving and shaking from being scrabbled what can I say....


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