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Atlantis: Fact or Fiction?

Let’s take a look at different theories on the lost continent Atlantis, and a look at “What If”, thinking outside of the box.
Atlantis was a great continent. Plato wrote about it as early as 360 B.C. Timaeus is one of two books that he had written, Critias his second book he was unable to complete; it is not clear to as why.
Other then these two written Manuscripts, there appears to be no other primary ancient account of Atlantis. All that write about Atlantis have had to at one time or another refer back to Plato’s manuscripts, being that they are the only recordings of such an event.
In the artist drawn below is the city of Atlantis. It is a very impressive likeness to that of the real Atlantis as I have seen it to be in my mind so I felt it has earned its rightful place in this my theory on Atlantis. Many have had dreams and past life experiences that point to their living in this great city. A city that appeared to have vanished beneath the sea in what some say was a great earthquake. Others say it was an explosion of tremendous force; originating from the great city’s center, that caused it to sink beneath the sea.
Some of the ancient philosophers viewed Atlantis as fiction including Aristotle. However, in antiquity there also many that did believe in its existence and they too were historians, geographers and philosophers.
Even some of the great thinkers of our time have theorized that Plato’s writings concerning the lost continent of Atlantis were nothing more than the work of fiction to fuel his political career.
However, Evidence does exist that points to the reality that such a great continent and city did indeed at one time exist. Some of the relics and ruins that lay beneath the sea point to this.
Another fascinating discovery discovered at the Maya ruins at Cuba, is a tablet with pictures that describe an escape from a cataclysm depicted by exploding volcanoes and collapsing temples.
The Maya legends state that their ancestors came from a great land in the Eastern Sea; it was destroyed by a great cataclysm and sank beneath the ocean. The Amer Indian traditions refer to this land as Azthan or Atlan and other similar names that, not-surprisingly, sound very much like Atlantis.
The crystal pyramids of Atlantis another interesting thought to ponder.
Could subterranean crystal pyramids power Atlantis? I believe so. We use crystals in almost everything electronic we build today, such as watches, instruments and even our computers.
Crystals are enhancer’s of energy; they store energy as well. Just think where humanity might be now if they had taken an interest in exploring the possibilities of using crystal technology instead of wasting our natural resources.
There are even Egyptian Hieroglyphics with ties to Atlantis. They speak of flying air ships such as these below.
They also tell of those that came from the sky in machines that harnessed great destructive power and referred to them as the ancient astronauts. Theories about Atlantis have often linked sightings of ancient astronauts to the Atlantean space ships.
Atlantis is said to have been bigger than the North America Continent and was diminished twice by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and destroyed a third time by a world War Three. This war is said, to be the direct confrontations of warring races that settled on the planet from off world destinations.
This is another interesting point to ponder in that it opens the door to many theories such as the one I bring before you the reader now. It is my strong belief that Atlantis was a physical portal through which off world races were allowed to enter.
 The planet has many portals scattered all over it but the main doorway to our world was Atlantis and through this passage, other alien races could emerge easily as long as it was to remain open. The remaining portals fanned out from the Great City Atlantis much like that of a spider’s web. Atlantis was the Jewel of all the portals the controlling center piece to which all other portal were connected.
The ancient dwellers of Atlantis realized that the ongoing warring between the off world visitors would eventually interfere with the normal development of our race. It was beginning to show early in our development as man began to incorporate the ancient technological advancements that the Atlantean and other off world dwellers had brought with them. We were as young children playing with dangerous toys that might well have destroyed us if not brought into check.
The image above was believed to be that of a huge light bulb constructed by the ancient Egyptians but later disputed by some other researchers claiming it to be part of a magical belief practiced by the priest of that area. I however feel it is the early development of the light bulb.
The portals of Atlantis would allow the travelers to fold time in onto its self, which would cause the Slip Streaming Effect. They could travel to any pre-selected place or point in time almost instantly.
The Atlantis Portal being the master key to all the doorways once destroyed would take away the easy accessibility and though most of the power source was destroyed, the other remaining doorways would open from time to time still allowing the spasmodic visitation of the other races to our world. This would also explain the random opening and closing of the remaining portals.
Each portal would be powered by the grid of crystal deposits buried deep beneath the earth. These grids as I call them are like strands of a spider’s web branching out from the main portal Atlantis, to encase the globe. The reason that these doorways are still active is due to the energy that is still stored and reproduced by their crystalline deposits.
There are many of these crystalline deposits believed to be deposited around the globe. This proves to be an interesting concept  in which each connecting line forms a triangle. Now that may be some more ”food for thought” for those of you that like thinking outside the “Box” like this writer.
This brings me to yet another conclusion. The master gem I call the Blue Crystal, Much like the hope diamond only much larger that was pieced together in sections. It I feel could be the brain of the crystal chambers that controlled the machine that open and closed the main portal. The Hope Diamond above as shown under an ultraviolet light is capable of storing and creating very powerful energy. The Atlantean in their great wisdom may have decided to remove and divide the huge gem into 13 segments representing the 13 tribes of man. Each tribe spread out over the planet creating its own belief system hence the saying, “All Faiths lead to one”.
I will further this explanation also by suggesting that Atlantis may not have been actually destroyed. She could be incased in a force field created by the ancient Atlantean and buried beneath the rubble that seems to be scattered over the ocean floor.
The electromagnetic field that may surround the inner city could not be seen by any of the tools we have at our disposal today. This is just a thought. I believe that once all the segments are collected and put in place that the Lost Continent of Atlantis, will raise again.
You be the judge.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Self Publishing Your Writings

How do we as writers get our works/creations published? This is a great question and merits some careful thought as well as consideration. Like others I as a writer have asked myself this same question on several different occasions. Do we type up our manuscripts and send them off to several different publishing companies or do we become self publishers?

There's several advantages to both methods. If an individual takes the traditional route which is going with a publishing company that has been around several years and has a proven track record, as long as your writing with in their strict guidelines you can easily succeed.

These traditional publishing companies have the know how and support to take you to the top of the publishing field. This is great as long as you fit within the guidelines publishing companies set for you as a writer. But, what happens if you as a writer don't match or fit the guidelines and decide you want to try striking out on your own?

This is where the second option kicks in and comes into effect. "Self Publishing."

Self publishing is another way to go if you as a writer do not want to be constricted to someone else guidelines. Self Publishing, allows you to be more creative as well as unrestricted, which in layman terms mean the world is your oyster or canvas. What ever you wish to write about is open and your only limits are those you put on your self.

Companies like Amazon dot com and Lulu dot com are great to work with and allow the writers the affordability to write about what ever they decide. These companies allow you to create your books,calenders and videos and to also have a store front in which to sell your products once finished.

You set your price and they tack on their cost so both the writer as well as the company makes some great money. These two companies also for a nominal fee, will edit, professionally publish as well as market them for you. They will print off any quanity requested from 1 copy to several hundred copies and drop ship them directly to your customers.

They offer several different forms of publishing from: soft cover,hard cover,electronic downloads and disc. I as a published writer find these options to be right up there at the top! I can decide how I would like my finished creations presented as well as sold.

They have step by step instructions that make it easy to follow along and self publish, as well as online help forums made up with other self publishers and writers that will help, should you have trouble along the way. This I as a writer also find very helpful.

I hope this article has been of help to those that are entering the writing field and wish at this time to say, Happy Publishing!! I will write more articles concerning this subject matter in the near future. Please leave your comments as well as suggestions? Always looking for new information as well as sites that support the up and coming writers of the future.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Anaconda Translated means “Water Boa” it is one of the largest snakes in the world. This huge monster snake lives in South America as well as North and East Central America. In captivity, they can live as long as 30 years. They live near water and like the swampy environment.

These are the largest snake in the world. They are very aggressive and in the picture above is the account of American explorer Ron Shores from Seminole, Oklahoma. He was attacked by the 22 foot long, 420-pound Anaconda. He was standing about 8 feet from the creek when this snake unleashed its attack upon him. He was able to keep his footing long enough for the group with him to pull him and the huge snake to shore. The groups guide wanted to kill the snake but Mr. Shores would not allow it and the snake was later returned to the creek.

As you can see in the picture above this is a great example as to how large this snake can get. An interesting point to remember is that when cataloging the snakes they only measure the total length and not the girth of it.

There has been an account reported by earlier explorers of Anaconda being shot that are much larger than this one. One such report came from Adventurer Percy Fawcett, an adventurer. While on an expedition, he reported in his journal that he had shot a huge Anaconda, which was 18.9 m (62 foot) long.

Although his account had been widely ridiculed, several years later a Belgian Zoologist named Bernard Heuvelmans came to his defense and told the world that this was indeed a true account and very factual. He said, “He said he believed that this snake could even grow larger, depending on the food supply and all the right conditions.

A picture of an Anaconda was taken in Pantanal Brazil. The snake will coil itself around its victim and crush it. Most times, it will drag its prey under the water and drown it. There is video’s showing the capture of huge anacondas and it is believed that in the future even bigger ones may be caught. There is much to be discovered and many articles that should be written concerning these huge snakes and other creatures that share the planet with us.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Preserving Our Rainforest

I have decided to share this article with my readers that visit this blog. Since its earliest beginnings it has received a lot of attention from the viewing public as well as the private business sector across the United States and around the world.
It has been a benefit to the school children as well as those the live near and deep within the
rain forest. This article has helped to bring change and has contributed to the saving of our precious rain forest.

Rain forest will be gone soon. What will this mean to humankind?
According to The Nature Conservancy, (2008), “Wild and amazing
rain forest extend from as far as Alaska and Canada to Latin America, Asia and Africa.” Several thousand different species of plants and animals reside in the rain forest that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
 The indigenous people of the area are concerned with the many threats the
rain forest is facing; more than 50% of all original rain forest, which are spread out around the globe have been destroyed. The forests have fell victim to ranching, mining, agriculture, logging and many other destructive practices. Logging is one of the main destructive forces and according to The Nature Conservancy, (2008). “Nearly 50 million acres are harvested yearly.”
It has taken the
rain forests several million years to grow into the amazingly complex ecological systems they are today. The forests environments depict a vast hoard of regenerative intrinsic living resources that for thousands of years by distinction of their lavishness in both plant and animal species, have bestowed a wealth of assets for the continuation and benefits of humanity. These assets include essential food replenishment, clothing, shelter, fossil fuel, spices, industrial crude materials and basic medicines for all those that reside in the exalted rain forest.
However, the inner working of a
rain forest is a complexes and delicate system. Everything becomes so co-dependent that disturbing any part of it could lead to unrealized damage and destruction of the entire rain forest. Regrettable as it may seem, it has only taken a hundred years of human involvement to upset and destroy that which Mother Nature has designed to remain forever if left alone and undisturbed (Rain tree Nutrition, 1996).
The National Geographic (1996-2008) stated, “Vegetation replenishes the atmosphere, by releasing moisture collected by the canopy trees; this process is called transpiration.” “A canopy tree can release as much as 200 gallons of water each year.” The moisture in turn creates a thick dense cloud cover which hangs over the
rain forest. This cloud cover even when not raining keeps the forest very moist and warm.
“The average rainfall in the Amazon Rain forest is nine feet of water each year,” Educational Web Adventure (1996). The vegetation sucks up the water and expels moisture back into the atmosphere; then contributing and bringing water to other parts of the world. Without the trees and canopy the water cannot be collected and expelled back into the atmosphere, causing drought and possibly climatic change throughout the world.
Since the temperatures remain in the high ’70s Fahrenheit all year round and it rains nearly every day making this an ideal condition for supporting life.
Rain forest species can range from a couple of dozen to several million. The many different types of animals and plants rely on the canopy and ground cover to survive; once the magnificent rain forest is gone they will die (Young,).
The Brazil nut tree is one of the endangered species that can only grow in the
rain forest. The tree grows 40-50 meters high and lives to be 500-800 years old. The fruit of this tree, which is a nut, is exported to places all over the world. “The United States alone imports nearly 9 metric ton per year” (Rain Tree, 1996).
Harvested Brazil nuts.
According to Rain Tree (1996), “The tree does not produce its fruit until it is 30-40 years old. The trees also require a specific species of bee to pollinate the flowers. These combined factors make it highly unsuitable for plantation production.”
 The Brazil nut tree is an excellent example of the closely entwined ecosystem of the
rain forest. The agouti is the only animal capable of chewing through the fruit pod to release the seeds for new growth. This huge rat like creature can grow very large up to (10 pounds). The tree, agouti and bees are all co-dependent on each other for its survival (Rain Tree, 1996).
The Rain forest is home to several thousand groups of indigenous people each having its own culture and language. These indigenous people have never ventured out to the modern world and have resided in the Rain forest for several millenniums. Each culture depends on the plants and animals for food and medicines. The children are schooled by people within their families and taught how to survive within the confines of the rain forest. The children often have such an extensive knowledge of the indigenous species of plants and animals, that they are able to teach the scientist that come to research inside the rain forest (Silber & Velton, 1996 revised 2004).
While doing research into tribal medicine in the heart of the Amazon
Rain forest, I the author of this thesis was able to learn many new and exciting ways in which to incorporate the properties of the plants found in the rain forest into modern day medicine. During my two year stay I lived with several tribes and each tribe taught and freely shared with me, his or her way of life. Although I was an outsider, the tribe members accepted me into their fold with open hands and hearts (Amazon Shaman, personal conversation, 2001-2003).
One possible solution that came up while in conversation with a tribal shaman concerning the preservation of the
Rain forest, would be to make all Rain forest National Parks. This would insure the protection of many indigenous species and the people within the rain forest (Amazon Shaman, personal conversation, 2001-2003).
Once a proper assessment has been reached weighing both the pros and cons of harvesting the
Rain forest, then adequate laws can be enacted to protect and properly manage dwindling Rain forest; preservation of our Rain forest can begin.
Indigenous people are now starting to join forces; fighting for his and her rights and through the means of peaceful organized demonstrations are hoping to bring a resolution to this on-going concern. The people residing inside the
rain forest realize the importance of taking such action. If no action is taken by the people their land and culture will soon be destroyed and lost forever. By joining forces with these groups everyone can help the people who depend on the majestic rain forest to preserve and insure their way of live for years to come (Silber and Velton, 1996 revised 2004).
If humankind looks at the benefits then humankind stands to gain by protecting the
rain forest of the world such as, environment, community resources and personal enjoyment then compare them with that which humankind stand to lose by not taking action, Everyone will agree that the pros outweigh the cons.

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