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Anaconda Translated means “Water Boa” it is one of the largest snakes in the world. This huge monster snake lives in South America as well as North and East Central America. In captivity, they can live as long as 30 years. They live near water and like the swampy environment.

These are the largest snake in the world. They are very aggressive and in the picture above is the account of American explorer Ron Shores from Seminole, Oklahoma. He was attacked by the 22 foot long, 420-pound Anaconda. He was standing about 8 feet from the creek when this snake unleashed its attack upon him. He was able to keep his footing long enough for the group with him to pull him and the huge snake to shore. The groups guide wanted to kill the snake but Mr. Shores would not allow it and the snake was later returned to the creek.

As you can see in the picture above this is a great example as to how large this snake can get. An interesting point to remember is that when cataloging the snakes they only measure the total length and not the girth of it.

There has been an account reported by earlier explorers of Anaconda being shot that are much larger than this one. One such report came from Adventurer Percy Fawcett, an adventurer. While on an expedition, he reported in his journal that he had shot a huge Anaconda, which was 18.9 m (62 foot) long.

Although his account had been widely ridiculed, several years later a Belgian Zoologist named Bernard Heuvelmans came to his defense and told the world that this was indeed a true account and very factual. He said, “He said he believed that this snake could even grow larger, depending on the food supply and all the right conditions.

A picture of an Anaconda was taken in Pantanal Brazil. The snake will coil itself around its victim and crush it. Most times, it will drag its prey under the water and drown it. There is video’s showing the capture of huge anacondas and it is believed that in the future even bigger ones may be caught. There is much to be discovered and many articles that should be written concerning these huge snakes and other creatures that share the planet with us.

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