Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finding Your Niche in the Business Market

The writing and marketing of your finished piece of work on the internet and finding the right niche for your articles can be time consuming, but your efforts will not go unnoticed and your rewards can be very high if you follow some very easy steps.

In this article we will discuss the writing and marketing of your finished piece of work on the internet, as well as, finding the right niche for your articles. A niche is a portion of the market that is looking for and interested in that which you as a supplier have to offer. So when writing an article, make sure you know the part of the online market you want to reach and have look at your finished master piece.

If you’re writing an article concerning the start up of a new business or expanding on an already existing theme of Instant Riches, you may want to use long and short tailed key words in your articles. This will allow the Search Engines to put your finished master piece where it needs to be in order to attract attention to it.

A good example of this would be as follows: this individual wants to attract the attention of that activist concerning a Green Earth, so with this in mind, he or she might incorporate these long and short tailed phrases into the article, endangered rainforest, a greener tomorrow, recycling, tree planting, clean air, pollution and acid rain. The list is endless, but if used properly and incorporated into your articles, they will be noticed by the search engines and put out there in the main stream of online traffic.

Some of us on here like to write about that which has influenced our way of thinking and how we as individuals see the world on a global scale. Placing our articles in Niches such as: Life Styles, Nature, God, Hope, Health, Family, Relationships and Romance; these are but a few of the powerful tags as well as key words that can be incorporated into just about any article. When placing them in your article one must also try not to over stuff the article with them as well. A few well placed key words will work well and draw a lot of traffic from the niche they are targeted at.

There are many forms and Styles of writing out there in the world today; one of my favorites is Creative Writing, as it allows me to level the playing field with the other writers that produce equally amazing and well read creations. There are also several niches I can place my product that is in demand in. There are several other directions you may consider taking as well that will help you to earn a living in the writer’s craft.

If you’re hoping to make a full time living of writing you may also think and consider, about writing articles for magazines such as: Readers Digest, Time, Business World Today, Discover, Scientific American and Guide Post. There are several other Magazines out there as well. Some of this individuals favorite magazines are Country, Country living, Family Circle, Red Book, Women’s Day, Astrology Today and People. For those of you that have healthy life styles and enjoy sporting activities, you may find that you as an individual would enjoy writing articles for the, Sports Illustrated Magazine Company.

This writer likes to expand on his craft by reading and absorbing as much information concerning the ever expanding multi-universes of the writing craft. I have stumbled and fell flat on my face at times while working hard to achieve my lofty goals in life. Each time though I have picked myself up dusted off and learned by my blunders as well as my successes along the way.
Due to the hard work and the many years I have practiced my writing skills, I have been able as a writer to use the lesson learned as a springboard to my own personal success. It has allowed me to become an Editor’s Choice Award Recipient, in the past year, on thirteen separate occasions and to become a self publisher of several online How to Do Books as well as books on Short Stories and Poetry.

This was not because of lack of effort on my part or because as some have said, “Your Gifted and got all the Lucky Breaks.” This is because like all of you out there in the writing community, I developed my skills as a writer through listening; reading others materials, love of and for the writing craft and hard work.

I hope in some small way that this article has helped others to expand on their goals as writers and I do not usually write articles concerning things like this. I chose to because we as a writing community must stand firm for each other, give support and encouragement to our brothers and sisters in our respective and growing online community of growing artist in what this individual calls the Writers Guild.

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